One of my passions is audio gear and in particular the reproduction of sound from storage media. This include the media themselves, music format and all the hardware necessary for reproducing sound. But what started it all for me is the very end of this chain: the speaker. At least the one you put directly on your ears. Of course, speakers and headphones have a lot in common. After all, the big difference is that one is for personal use and the other is the exact contrary. The search for good sound lead me to headphones though, and that is mainly because at equal quality, speaker tend to be consistently more expensive :D

Of course, that's not the only reason. Being meant for different uses, speakers and headphones end up with distinct acoustic properties. Sound can't be expected to be the same when on one side it takes 10m for it to reach your ear while it only takes 2cm on the other side... But this page is not a discussion about the difference between headphones and speakers. It is just a humble testimony of my interest for both :)

So hereafter are a few pages relaying my impressions on some of the headphones in my collection. They are not meant to be reviews. The web is full of reviews for each of them (except the KS-H2 maybe). So there is no reason for me to add yet another useless page to an already crowded space (the internet). My goal in those pages is rather to provide an idea of the experience I have with these, in very subjective terms (and don't forget than most "objective" reviews you'll see are in fact very subjective as well). Basically, the question I try to answer in these pages is: do I enjoy what I bought or was the purchase of these cans a terrible idea?

So here are the (few) headphones from my collection I took the time to write on so far: